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Complementary & Alternative Medicine

 of Oahu (C.A.M.O.)

The team here at CAMO believes that teamwork truly does make a dream work! We cooperate daily with our own communities, as we understand that nothing can be accomplished WITHOUT community!


Our professional network will continue to monitor program participants to ensure that there is growth and improvements in their health and welfare. We will also continue to offer opportunities for growth in the community through our Community Reintegration and Social Networking programs!

This service has been created for individuals that desire to utilize natural alternatives in combination with prescription medicine.

These services include, but are not limited to:


Yoga - Meditation -Tai Chi - Acupuncture - Chiropractic

Herbal Treatments - Equine Therapy - Aquatic Therapy - Music/Art Therapy

Agriculture/Horticulture Therapy - Culinary Art Therapy

Peer Support Assistance

We have created Social Networking programs that provide our patients with stable opportunities to interact with like-minded individuals. The following are a few of the opportunities we offer:


Hiking - Camping - Fishing - Walking Groups

Team Building Excercises - Tournaments

Fitness Gym Access - Beach/Street Clean-Ups

Events/Fundraisers - Church/Spirituality

This increases our ability to follow-up with our participants, as well as assist them in achieving their recovery goals!

As Veterans, we must lead by example. CAMO provides the platform to advocate for the improvement and implementation of the availability of Veterans services. We attend town hall meetings and give testimony, as well as attend meetings with HICH, TAMC, OVA, WCC, and other veterans services agencies. In doing so, we intend to promote the message of hope to Veterans, their families, and their communities.

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